Saturday, August 04, 2012

Generate website screenshots in internet

Came across this wonderful web site . Just enter the url for which you want to have a snapshot image . It will generate it in realtime and can be downloaded. This is a very useful tool for bloggers/website users who post articles with web screenshots. I tried generating web screenshot for (generated pages are in german) - for my previous blog post. May be if the service provider uploads the generated image to  a free image hosting provider - it may give them a extra edge over other online tools. Currently generated images (user is provided with options to choose the size) needs to be manually downloaded and then can be used in internet via any free  image hosting.

Other free service which i tried is convertwebpage . Its easy and quick in conversion of the webpage to a image which can be downloaded . Downloaded image can be hosted in any free picture hosting provider site. with rich blue UI interface

Today tried using - its better and easy to use. Well i love the UI interface and bluish colour linings. Well microsoft should admit that they had took great pains for this wonderful UI. Even the login landing page has been changed with a picture in the left side and login/password box in the right side  - something different from earlier hotmail login pages.
 In short, is gonna gain popularity for its rich UI.

Insurance - highest paying google adsense keyword

Do you know insurance is the highest paying keyword in google adsense ad network for the year 2012 ?

As per this blog post - insurance keyword tops the list. Though am not sure whether its true, but blog post appears genuine.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

how to increase traffic to the blog post

Just read a interesting blog post on how to increase the blog traffic - well something related to SEO. Nearly 90 percent of the tips applicable for traffic increase, but the author didnt mention about meta tags usage and blog post headings. Basically i feel having a blog post heading with common search words will increase the traffic. Also having the sitemap enabled will increase the traffic as google robots are intelligent enough to crawl them easily.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

install viber in windows system with bluestacks

Installing viber app in windows system is pretty easy with android emulator.

Download bluestacks app player and install it in windows operating system .

Click the app player and install the viber app in the emulator.

Enjoy the viber app by assigning the app mapped to a mobile number.

I tried installing viber in WIN 7 and was able to have voice chat with my friends.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

IP blocking in utorrent torrent software

Simple steps to make uTorrent safe . Visit the link.

Well if you are having Malware bytes Anti malware software in your PC , then IPs get automatically blocked by the software.